La Pitturina Ski-race has been postponed.

La Pitturina Ski-race has been postponed. The Weather forecast is such that the race has been totally compromised. «We're very upset, but the safety of the athletes comes first» said Michele Festini.

La Pitturina Ski-Race,  third leg of the World-Cup  season has been postponed, the forecast for the next few days is 1-1.5m of snow  with rising temperatures forecast on Sunday. Between Saturday and Sunday avalanche danger is set  be 5 (avalanches may occur in areas which are historically high risk  sites, with a high potential for reaching the valley floor. There's also the possibility of piste closure).

«The last few hours have not been easy for us - Michele Festini Pitturina coordinator said -  we had a meeting with meteorological experts, Alpine guides, the technical director of track, Michele Zandegiacomo, with the jury and with the Head of ISMF. Weather conditions are going to be extremely dangerous. Other than the technical difficulties related to the race, we already had viable alternative routes, we had to think about the fact that in the next few days hundreds of people were planning  to come here for the World Cup race and another 500 for the Open Race and for “io c'ero a km 0” meeting. With the  conditions forecast, we can't contemplate having 1000 people moving around the  area, with possible road closures and maybe power shortages. La Pitturina should be about having fun,  but without 100% safety in the area then we decided  we couldn't go ahead this weekend». 

In the next few hours an official statement will be posted.


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