The annual ISMF Forum was held last weekend in Milan

The annual ISMF Forum was held last weekend in Milan, thanks to the hospitality of FISI and CONI. The Forum is an important event which brings together the world cup organisers - Font Blanca, XXX Valtellina Orobie, AlpiniSki, 33. Transcavallo, Altitoy-Ternua, Pierra Menta, Mondolé Ski Alp, Tour du Rutor, Patrouille des Glaciers - for the coming sporting season, together with the ISMF Sport Department's technical staff and the ISMF Administration in order to discuss new rules, technical issues, and the general collaboration with the ISMF.

One of the most important aspects introduced this year was the new media and marketing project, with particular interest focusing on media rights and advertising. The outcome of this project over the next season should bring about increased media and TV coverage worldwide for ski mountaineering as a competitive sport.

As well as proving an important occasion for meeting together with organisers and referees, members of the ISMF Board and Management Committee also held official meetings, reconfirming a strong commitment to anti-doping, as well as the use of a single time keeping company, future sporting developments in Asia and North America,  were just some of the topics discussed. The new organisational structure of the ISMF was also introduced, with the recently  created Sport Department, having it's own director, the department is responsible for the management of the referees, world cup races as well as new sporting developments.

The Forum was very well attended with participants coming from Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Andorra, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, France and UK  and provided an essential opportunity to lay down the ground work for the 2015/16 winter season which will soon be upon us.


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