The ISMF has the great pleasure of informing you that Sports United, the Euronews weekly sports magazine show, last week broadcast ski mountaineering races on Thursday and Friday, during  Episode n.4.

Sports United,  thanks to an agreement between Euronews and SportAccord, is a programme that  features sports, news, and interviews featuring SportAccord members.
This show is one of the opportunities for the ISMF to gain valuable coverage and additional visibility, thanks to a broadcasting reach of over a billion viewers in over 150 countries, spread across 13 language editions.
Ski mountaineering was visible during the fourth edition of the Sports United news that first broadcast on the 29th of January 2015. The Sports United show runs on a weekly basis and is aired on Thursday each week.
This is for the ISMF an occasion to thank SportAccord for the great opportunity given to our sport as well as Infront and R&C Communications for the stupendous and informative videos and interviews made for the Sport United Show.