On the 27th & 28th October Armando Mariotta, the ISMF President, was invited to attend the 90th Anniversary of the foundation of the Russian Mountaineering Federation in Moscow.

On the first day the ISMF President was honoured to take part in festivities celebrating the 90 years of the Russian Mountaineering Federation and enjoyed the opportunity of meeting up with Mr Andrei Volkov, President of the Russian Mountaineering Federation, Mr. Alexei Ovchinnikov, Executive Director, Mr Arkadi Klepinin responsible for international relations, as well as Ms Galina Volgina, Director of the Kamchatka Race which this season will host the2014 ISMF Asian Championships. Discussions covered varied topics and joints goals including the ISMF Series , training camps, youth development,  referee courses and the world cup circuit.

On 28th October Armando Mariotta had a very constructive meeting with representatives from the Association of Euro Asiatic Federations, including the Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Armenia. This was a wonderful opportunity to present the ISMF, its organization and activities. This resulted in a lot of interest from those countries who are not yet members of the ISMF and there is hope that in the near future potential new members will contribute to the further growth not only of the ISMF but in promoting ski mountaineering as a sport in general.