ALBUFEIRA (Portugal) – Second day, twice the work: in the agenda of 2016 ISMF Plenary Assembly many important decisions were taken. The long day was possible thanks to the kind friendship and welcoming support of the Federacao de Campismo e Montanhismode Portugal. Joao Luis Queiroz, federal president opened the discussion: “I hope that you may achieve all the goals in your work and even if we are not expert in ski, especially here in Algarve, we have sport and fair play in our heart”. Then the agenda displayed the balance approval for the 2015 season with a total operating income of 215.236 Euro and a provisional budget for the 2017 operations of 307.380 Euro.

Second topic was about the Olympic path: president Armando Mariotta reminds that a final decision about the full recognition of ISMF as an Olympic Federation will be taken at the beginning of August during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games opening working session.

But the biggest anticipation was concentrated on the coming season. The new calendar and the new points regulation system were presented, discussed and approved. Here you can find, as usual, our news in pills:


The calendar is finally ready. It is time to open the agenda and to record all the appointments, in order not to miss them. The 2017 ISMF World Cup season will display five different locations for 11 races plus World Champs. “First time in a long time, the 2017 ISMF World Cup season will take place in five different countries accross Europe and above”, said Rebecca Vernon, sport department Director. Yes, the biggest news is the new entry of Turkey in the family of the ISMF federations. The ski resort of Erzincan (690 km from Ankara) will host an Individual and a Sprint race (seniors only) on 11th – 12ve February 2017. “We are very happy – adds Vernon – to welcome a new member in our team”. The Turkish Federation has worked hard to make the journey and the racing experience as much comfortable as possible: “Accomodation and transfer from and to the local airport, as well as to the race area, will be offered by the organizing Commette to all the teams”, says Vehbi Aytekin Sanalan, Turkish delegate. Also the entry fee will be for free this year. The ski resort is one of the most famous in the Anatolia plateau of Central Eastern Turkey with some 10 km of slopes, daily facilities, a modern gondola and other lifts and 3.300 metres peaks that will be the perfect frame for a new skimo emotion. Back to the calendar, the season opening will be in Font Blanca (Andorra) with and Individual and a Vertical race scheduled on 21st and 22nd January 2017. The following week (28-29 January) the Skimo circus moves to France, in Alp d’Huez for another couple of challenges, an Individual and a Sprint. After the new stop in Turkey, February will be all about the World Championship. From 23rd February to 2nd March 2017 the “skimo world” will gather in Transcavallo (Italy) which will host, together with Alpago, as already in the past, all the races and emotions of the world Champs. Later in March (from 24th March), for the thrid time Mondolé (Italy) will host three races, whereas in April the closing competitions of the year will be held in Val d’Aran (Spain). “Some other details will change – says Vernon – : for example in the flower ceremony, keeping the prize as in the past, medals will no longer be awarded in the World Cup events, because we decide, on the other hand, to give a proper trophy to young categories”.  The calendar will be complete with ISMF series: at the moment the deadline has not expired yet, so we wait for the final schedule.


A new format is being designed between ISMF Worlc Cup and LGC circuit. “We thought about a more mature relationship, having gained experience in these last two years”, said Lluis Lopez, vice – president Sports & Event, “We believe in keeping the link strong, but we don’t want to impose any format”, adds Lopez. The aim is to share the same path in the sake of Ski mountaineering and the desire to continue collaborating has been the priority from both sides. Pierre Dupont, representing the French Federation, has been in charge of conducting the new deal of the matter. “The Grande Course will no longer be a part of the World Cup, but will remain under the spirit of ISMF”. Pierra Menta (8-10 March), Adamello ski race (1-2 April) and Mezzalama (22-23 April) will be the LGC on stage in 2017. The LGC will display three or four races every other year, according to the World Champs editions. “Safety, anti doping programme and equity will be the common guidelines we will be following”, says Lopez. There will be a World Cup winner which will be, year by year, the best performer in the ISMF World Cup races, according to the three disciplines, Individual, Vertical and Sprint. Furthermore there will be a World ranking, rolling up on yearly basis, which will take into account the athletes’ points earned from the ISMF World Cup, the Champs (World and Continental), the LGC and the ISMF series. “This way we want to stress the importance of all the races, including the ISMF series which will become more appealing also for top level athletes”, says Marco Mosso, vice president marketing & communications.

Lucia Galli

In the women race Laetitia Roux completed her comeback over Jennifer Fiechter. After several seasons the Valtellina Orobie is back among the great worldwide ski mountaineering events as second appointment of the 2016 ISMF World Cup. The 30th edition featured an unusual start and finish to be crossed on foot. The athletes of the individual event have had to prove their worth on a track with 1750 m of positive altitude difference, 5 uphill stretches, 5 slopes, 11 set-up changes, open ridges and spectacular downhill chase-downs. The little snow that fell so far this winter had made these parts all the more athletically challenging. On his home mountains Michele Boscacci has attempted since the very start to win the race; he lived the dream and gave hope to his fans for three quarters of the race, before Kilian Jornet caught up and got the better of him. After a spectacular head-to-head, the two came together at the finish line in Campelli, a few kilometres from Albosaggia. The winner was declared by photo finish and then using the chip. Jornet finished the race in 1h, 35’28”609, Boscacci in 1h 35’28”690. Anton Palzer, the first among the Espoir, came third in 1h 35’56”, followed by a steadily and progressively growing Robert Antonioli. The top ten also included Xavier Gachet (FRA), Valentin Favre (FRA), Mathéo Jacquemoud (FRA), Martin Anthamatten (SUI), Matteo Eydallin and Alexis Sevennec (FRA). The women – and junior men – race comprised 4 uphill and as many downhill stretches (1315 D+ 1315D-). As for the women the French Laetitia Roux got her first success. The queen of ski mountaineering was restored to her throne ending the race first in 1h 42’30” before her Swiss rival Jennifer Fiechter - 1h 44’59” – and the Swede Emelie Forsberg – 1h 46’51”. Worth reporting is that Forsberg lost the second place after a time penalty: incorrect position of her skis in the bag. The Spaniard Claudia Galicia finished fourth before the azzurra Katia Tomatis; then, Valentine (France), Martina Valmassoi (Italy), Mireia Mirò and Marta Garcia (Spain) and the young – and first among the Espoir – Alba De Silvestro (Italy). In the Junior race Italy conquered the first two spots with Davide Magnini e Giulia Compagnoni; after 3 uphill and 3 downhill stretches (990 D+ 990 D-), the podium was completed by Lena Bonnel (France) and the local favourite Giulia Murada. As regards the men podium, the French Samuel Equy finished second and Nicolò Canclini won the bronze medal. Tomorrow the World Cup circus will be back on track at the Centro Sportivo Caspoggio with the Sprint event. Photo Gallery HD Online on ISMF website : All the ISMF World Cup rankings are online on