Next weekend at the Mondolè Ski resort in the province of Cuneo the last points for the World Cup

Scarpa ISMF World Cup circuit finals. Next weekend at the Mondolè Ski resort in the province of Cuneo the last points for the World Cup Vertical, Individual, and Sprint races will be awarded.

On Friday 27 March the ski mountaineers of the Cuneo leg of the Scarpa ISMF World Cup circuit will leave from Frabosa Sottana on the snow of the Mondolè ski resort in the Vertical Race, on the piste that retraces the route of the two chairlifts from Mongrosso-Burrino and Burrino-Monte Malanotte. The champions will leave at 10.30 am, skiing along the slopes at incredible speeds and arriving at Mount Malanotte a little before 11 o'clock. The public will be able to access the entire route by using the Frabosa chairlifts. The Cup races will be preceded by the Open Race, which will allow card-carrying athletes to compete with the champions.

On Saturday 28 March, leaving from the Prato Nevoso “basin”, along the slopes of Mondolè, passing over the summit, about 2,400 metres high, and Colla Bauzano, accessible with the Artesina chairlifts, the world class athletes will compete in the Individual Race consisting of fast stretches with skis on, steep slopes with skis tied to backpacks and spectacular downhill runs. Then, and on the same route, the important “Three Refuges Individual Open”, which recalls the brand name of the entire event “Mondolè Ski Alp Mountaineering World Cup”, will take place.
On Sunday 29 March there will be the début of the Sprint Race on Piedmont territory, the fast speciality of competitive ski mountaineering that guarantees a sporting spectacle. On a very short route, restricted to the Snow-park area of Prato Nevoso, which is fully accessible both on foot and on skis, the best athletes in the world will perform and be in full view for the public. The competition will start with the qualifying heats at 9 am and will conclude with the finals at about 12.
Mondolè Ski Alp, therefore, should be an extraordinarily interesting event for those who would like to watch the races using the Mondolè Ski resort chairlifts and experience this fascinating sport in person: ski mountaineers who manage to position themselves at some of the more spectacular points of the race (maybe even win one of the prizes made available by the organizers), and card-carrying athletes, including local athletes, who will be able to compete on the routes of the World Cup.
Of the three days of Mondolè Ski Alp 2015, Saturday 28 will be the most intense and difficult and will offer an interesting occasion for sports fans and ski mountaineers alike to participate and follow the athletes using the chairlifts, which go up Prato Nevoso and Artesina, or by reaching the areas around Balma, Rocche Giardina and Mondolè with climbing skins.
For those who intend to go to the competition areas on downhill skis we suggest that you go to the arrival area of the “il rosso” chairlift (by the alpine hut of the same name), which is one of the best places to watch the competition from. Here the athletes will pass through on the way out at about 9.30 am and on the way back at about 10.30. For the occasion the ride on the (red) chairlift is free all morning on Saturday, between 8 am and 12, thanks to the invaluable support of Prato Nevoso.
At the same time, the organizers are offering, the first ski mountaineers from the public who arrive at the summit of Mondolè to watch the competition, 30 prizes supplied by Ferrino, the technical sponsor of the competition. The prizes include ski poles, hi-tech backpacks, gloves and headbands.
Therefore it is an occasion not to be missed by those who would like to spend an enjoyable day on the snow, taking advantage of the free chairlift and for those who, with mountaineers' skis and climbing skins, would like to reach the highest point of the route, maybe winning one of the prizes made available by Ferrino.


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