Junior Rémi Bonnet has both talent and determination. In his own words: “I’ve come to the World Championships in Verbier to take home two gold medals.” After his success on  Sunday  in  the Vertical Race, he also won the individual race, which took place with the magnificent backdrop of the Six Blanc. Valaisan Julien Ançay finished in 2nd place in the cadets following a close race with Italy’s Andrea Prandi, winner of the Vertical Race. “I gave everything,” said Ançay, from Fully. “I managed to keep up with Andrea Prandi in the first ascent. Once he’d accelerated, I tried to follow. He was too strong for me today.” The Italian beat the young Swiss Team athlete by 28 seconds.

A dream day
The World Championships in Verbier continued with excellent weather. The sun shone on the Val de Bagnes, as well as in the hearts of the organisers, the competitors and the spectators. In this dream setting, the volunteers gave themselves wholeheartedly to their tasks. The atmosphere was as beautiful as the mountain!

Rémi Bonnet is the master
Following the example of senior Kilian Jornet,  Rémi  Bonnet  from  Gruyère  is  stacking  up  his  wins. After winning the Vertical Race, he doubled the stakes with a perfectly executed win in the individual race. “In the first part of the race, it was neck and neck with the Italian David Magnini,” said the double World Champion. “I knew I was going to wear him down. In the last ascent, I upped my game. I gained a few metres on him and kept my rhythm. I’m really very pleased with my race. Everything went  perfectly.”

Arnaud Gasser 5th
For his first performance in a World Championship, Verbier’s Arnaud Gasser is having a fabulous run. With a 2nd place in the sprint and 5th in the vertical, the Swiss Team and Mountain Performance athlete took a second 5th place. “It feels great to be racing at home! I gave it my all and to come 5th again is amazing.” For his part, Thomas Corthay from Vollèges did exceptionally well coming in 7th. “I’m really happy with my performance and result,” he said, all smiles at the finishing line. “The conditions today were exceptional. Thank you to the organisers.”

The Belgo-­‐Valaisan Maximilien Drion also finished in the top 10. “What a fabulous race!” he said. “I gave everything and am really happy with my position.” Pierre Mettan from Evionnaz, Valais finished in 12th place. “It was tough but I’m really pleased.” Maxime Brodard from Fribourg finished a well-­‐ deserved 15th. “Everything went well for me. It’s been a great experience.”

Swiss ladies in the background
The Swiss ladies stayed somewhat in the background compared to the French and Italians who are cleaning up the medals. The best amongst them, Florence Buchs, finished in 5th place in the cadets. Coralie Drion from Vercorin took a respectable 7th in the same category.

In  the  junior  girls,  the  best  Swiss,  Marianne  Fatton,  finished  in  7th  place.  The  Haut-­‐Valaisanne Déborah Chiarello had to make do with 11th place.

Race results are online on ISMF website