The Sustainability Commission recently met for the first time at Espace Saint Marc, in Le Chable,  Switzerland.  The ISMF would like to thank the Verbier Organising Committee for the kind hospitality offered, it was important to meet and discuss such an important topic so close to the location of the 2015 ISMF World Championships (5th to 12th February)

The Sustainability Commission, coordinated by AISTS team (Master in Sport Administration) started focusing on topics that are relevant to the sustainability of an ISMF event. In the near future the following important themes will be addressed:  transport, waste management, noise and crowd management, health and safety, artificial constructions, access for the otherwise abled, ski mountaineering promotion, support to the local economy and last but not least, educating about sustainability.

The Sustainability Commission’s first meeting was highlighted by close collaboration, constructive dialogue and the sharing of everyone’s knowledge, working together to create an effective project, moving towards the achievement of a common goal:  a procedure to help each ISMF event to be more environmentally, economically and socially correct. This means that there’s a lot to do so the  the next meeting has been scheduled for the second half of November.