In the Vertical at Diablerets Kilian and Roux climb once again onto the top step of the podium

In the Vertical Race at Diablerets Kilian and Laetitia Roux climb once again onto the top step of the podium. In the Juniors, Federico Nicolini and Alba De Silvestro won the Overall World Cup. However, of the boys, Oriol Cardona Coll won the race. Damiano Lenzi and Laetitia Roux won the World Cup speciality. Of the Espoirs the race and the Overall World Cup was won by Anton Palzer and Axelle Mollaret.

On the snow of Les Diablerets in Switzerland this morning the Vertical Race was contested, and with this race the fourth stage of the Scarpa ISMF World Cup Circuit has been completed. The altitude gain faced by all the categories, except the Junior Women's, was 561 metres. The Junior Women had to deal with an altitude gain of 489 metres.

In both the Senior races, Kilian and Laetitia Roux dominated from the beginning to the end, rising to the challenge by climbing the slopes almost at a run. Half way through the race Kilian had an advantage over the group that was following him of about twenty seconds; the Italians Damiano Lenzi, Manfred Reichegger and Lorenzo Holzknecht were chasing the Spaniard, together with Anton Palzer and Martin Anthamatten.

Laetitia Roux's advantage, right from the outset of the race, over Maude Mathys and Victoria Kreuzer was more conspicuous, the French woman had about a minute to play with.

Kilian crossed the finishing line, hands in the air, stopping the stopwatch at 22'51", behind him  Lorenzo Holzknecht and Manfred Reichegger competed for second position. Holzknecht, over the last metres, increased his pace, leaving his teammate Reichegger a few metres behind. The difference between the two was only a second. The Swiss Martin Anthamatten was fourth, while Damiano Lenzi was fifth.

In the women's section Laetitia Roux continued to increase her advantage for the duration of the race and stopped the stopwatch at 25'54". The two Swiss women Mathys and Kreuzer finished in second and third place respectively, Mathys with a little over a minute's delay, while Kreuzer's time was 27'43". 

The Vertical Race contested at Les Diablerets awarded the last points for the World Cup speciality. Of the men Damiano Lenzi won ahead of Matheo Jacquemoud and Kilian Jornet. In the women's section Laetitia Roux won and Maude Mathys and Sophie Dusautoir Bertrand were second and third respectively.

Today's trial endorsed the winners of the Overall World Cup for the Junior and Espoir categories. In the Junior boys' category the Italian Federico Nicolini won the World Cup, ahead of the Spaniard Oriol Cardona Coll and the Swiss Rémi  Bonnet. Of the girls, Alba De Silvestro, after the two victories of this weekend, took the first position in the World Cup ranking in front of her teammate Giulia Compagnoni. Sophie Mollard climbs onto the third step of the podium.

As regards today's times, in the Vertical Race, of the Juniors Oriol Cardona Coll won with a time of 23'44", Federico Nicolini was second with a 23 second delay while Rémi Bonnet was third. The Italian Pietro Canclini was fourth with a time of 24'55".  Of the girls Alba De Silvestro stopped the stopwatch with a time of 24'37", behind her Giulia Compagnoni with 25'12".  Sophie Mollard qualified for third place.

In the Espoir category Anton Palzer and Axelle Mollaret, in addition to  winning the last trial of the Vertical Race, climb onto the top step of the podium of the Overall World Cup. The Italian Nadir Maguet was second of the men while Léo Viret was third, of the women behind Mollaret there was the Swiss Jennifer Fiechter and Marta Garcia Farres.

Anton Palzer's time in the Vertical trial at Diablerets was 23'16", in front of Alan Tissiéres and Léo Viret. Of the women, the French Axelle Mollaret won ahead of Jennifer Fiechter with a time of 28'27".  The Spaniard Marta Garcia Farres was third.

With the Swiss stage over, the next appointment with the Scarpa ISMF World Cup Circuit will be in Norway with the Blatind Artic Race finals on 12 and 13 of April in Tromso.


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