Kilian and Laetitia Roux have won the Individual Race of the fourth stage of the Scarpa ISMF WC

Kilian and Laetitia Roux have won the Individual Race of the fourth stage of the Scarpa ISMF World Cup Circuit. At Les Diablerets, Switerland, the Juniors Alba De Silvestro and Federico Nicolini climb onto the top step of the podium. In the Espoir category victory went to Anton Palzer and Axelle Mollaret.

At Les Diablerets this morning the fourth trial of the Scarpa ISMF World Cup Circuit took place. The light snowfall overnight did not prevent the organizers from holding the race along a route very similar to the original, with six climbs and six downhill runs for a overall altitude gain of about 1,850 metres. The Senior women and the Espoir and Junior categories faced an altitude gain of about 1,653 metres while the Junior girls' category had to follow a route of 1,132 metres of overall altitude gain.

At exactly 9 am the first to set off were the Seniors with Kilian, Matthew Eydallin, Damiano Lenzi, Anton Palzer, Alexis Sevennec and Marc Pinsach Rubiola. Five minutes after the men's start the youth categories set off along with the Senior women. 

Kilian was in great shape and immediately took command of the race, half way up the second slope, approximately thirty seconds behind, the Italian Damiano Lenzi closed in on him, and close behind Lenzi was William Bon Mardion keeping the situation under control. Just behind him a group composed by Anton Palzer, Manfred Reichegger, Martin Anthamatten and Marc Pinsach Rubiola followed.

In the women's section Laetitia Roux took off immediately, followed by the Swiss woman Maude Mathys and by the Swede Emelie Forsberg. Just a few seconds behind the Swede was Sophie Dusautoir of Andorra and the very young Axelle Mollaret contending the grand victory of the World Cup in the Espoir category.

Kilian continued on his way without any snags, on his tail was the Frenchman William Bon Bardion who on the fourth descent had overtaken Damiano Lenzi. Lenzi in his attempted comeback on the Frenchman hit a tree disastrously. Fortunately there were no consequences for the Italian, but the gap to regain the second position had become unbridgeable.

Kilian crossed the finishing line with a time of 1:57'09, while William Bon Mardion crossed the finishing line confirming second position with a 57" second delay. Damiano Lenzi climbed onto the third step of the podium with 01:59'17". Winning the Espoir category and winning the World Cup speciality, the German Anton Palzer crossed the finishing line in fourth place. Alexis Sevennec was fifth. In the Espoir category after Palzer, Nadir Maguet and Iwan Arnold arrived.

Laetitia Roux tackled the last curve in complete solitude encouraged by the large crowd present in the arrivals area, finishing in 2:12'56".  The Swiss woman Mathys collected yet another second place in front of the surprisimg Emelie Forsberg. The Swede crossed the finishing line with 2:20'47". 

In the Espoir category there was yet another victory for the French girl Axelle Mollaret in front of the Swiss Jennifer Fiechter. In the third position was the Italian Alessandra Cazzanelli. In the World Cup ranking, Axelle Mollaret is confirmed in first position, Jennifer Fiechter climbs onto the second step of the podium, while the Spanish Marta Garcia Farres claims the third step.

In the Junior categories, of the boys Federico Nicolini won, and Alba De Silvestro won the girls section. With this result De Silvestro jumps into first position of the World Cup ranking, even if Giulia Compagnoni has the same score. In the third position in this fourth stage, and third in the World Cup ranking, we find Sophie Mollard.

Of the Juniors Oriol Cardona Coll, second today at the finishing line, maintains the first position of the World Cup speciality in front of Frederick Nicolini. Rémi Bonnet, bronze medal here at Les Diablerets is third in the overall World Cup ranking.

Tomorrow the World Cup athletes will return to compete for points in the Vertical Race, and also tomorrow the winners of the Espoir and Junior categories will be awarded the World Cup.

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