The end of year message of the ISMF president

Dear Federations Members of the ISMF
Dear Members of the ISMF Managing Committee and Board
Dear ISMF Stakeholders

We all together are going to finish a very important year during which many goals have been reached: for the first time the World Cup have had a professional circuit with the help of our sponsors Scarpa, Montura and Fisher;  the anti- doping policy, thanks to the work of the commission and the professional work of SportAccord, had the result of having the biological passport for our main athletes; two new Federations, the Dutch and the Azerbaijan ones, have asked to become members; many contacts have been connected with the IOC Sport Department, with many members of the whole Sport Community and with all the Federations of our three Continents: Europe, America and Asia….
The next year will be probably more and more important for our goals: the IOC will decide in February if the ISMF will be admitted as Olympic Federation;  the sport program will count on the World Cup circuit with a new sponsor, Polartec, in lieu of Fischer, on the new ISMF Series Circuit, on a possible agreement with La Grande Course to organize a long distance world cup starting from the 2015 season, on the three Continental Championships of Europe, America and Asia; a new and important project to give a TV visibility to the sport will start…..
 I would like to thank very much all the ISMF Sport Community for its support during all the year, hoping that the 2014 will bring to all of us the results we need and we deserve for the passion we dedicate every day to our sport.
I wish you all happy holidays and all the best for 2014!
Armando Mariotta
ISMF President

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