The French dominated the ISMF Scarpa Individual World Cup race in Valle Aurina, with wins in the senior category by Laetitia Roux and Matheo Jacuemoud.
The course of the SkiAlpRace Ahrntal followed the classic route the heighest part of the race reaching the summit of Henne (2,472m). The four ascents and descents were technically challenging, and in certain steep sectors racers were required to proceed on foot with skis attached to their rucksacks, and the option of using a fixed cord. The senior female athletes followed a slightly shorter routes than their male team mates with 1,075m of vertical rise over a total of 10km.
The Race
William Bon Mardion and Matheo Jacequemoud of france pulled out into the lead straight away, proving their worth after taking third and second place in yesterda’s Vertical race. Kilian Jornet Burgada, winner of the Vertical came in third. Bon Mardion and Jornet played cat and mouse with each other for a while until William’s kamikaze descent allowed him to clearly overtake Kilian. Jacquemoud claimed not only a double win after yesterday’s Espoir win, today he claimed both the Senior and Espoir title in 1:42’29.5, Bon Mardion arrived 21.3 seconds later followed by Jornet Burgada( +1’41.5). Four Italians ranked within the top ten.
Laetitia Roux pulled off another win today with a time of 1:52’50.8. A delighted Mireia Miro Varela came in second (+1’21.2), after worrying about her form and not having taken part in yesterday’s Vertical. Italy’s Gloriana Pellissier once again claimed third place (+4’42.6)
Matheo Jacquemoud
«A fantastic but challenging race, especially the sections on foot and the descents, which were fairly decisieve.  I didn’t really feel tired after yesterday’s race as I’m on good form and have been training hard, my physique is used to 2 consecutive days physical challenge. I’m really happy about the win today after yesterday’s second place».
Kilian Jornet Burgada
«Matheo and William wree amazing during the ascents, they managed to gain the necessary lead that I wasn’t able to make it up. On the third ascent I though I was going to catch Bon Mardion but his descent was too good, and I got left behind».
Laetitia Roux
«A long and difficult race, which I manged to interpret well, winning again today. I feel asif I’m on really good form physically and this helps also at a psychological level. Two wins in two races – that’s what I call a perfect weekend!»
Mireia Mirò Varela
«More than anything, I took part in ths race to try and guage how I was feeling, how I react tot he racing environment, after suffering a bit of a crisis recently. Now I feel good and this second place has given me a lot of enouragement».